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Contemporary Hawaiian Music

Contemporary Hawaiian Music, Hawaiian Pop and Jawaiian have their roots, arguably, in the 1970’s, and have become a big part of the ever growing music scene in Hawaii and on the mainland . Listen to some of the artists below from then and now and then click on the links to their sites for more information about them and many more great Hawaiian artists.


Jerry Santos and Kamuela Kimokeo
The Green
The Green


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July 2016

Ahh! Summer, that magical time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. No matter how old or young you are, summer is the time to kick back, close your eyes and imagine that school is out.

The month of July marks our 240th birthday.  In the scheme of nations that makes us pretty young. This is a good time to think about who we are, where we all came from and where we’re going.

We hope you enjoy this month’s blog.

Have a great summer! See you all after Labor Day.

Happy Birthday To Us!

In This Month’s Issue

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal……

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Bohm Bluetooth Headphones

So, I am going through a bunch of boxes in the garage and come upon a box marked headphones. In this box is another, unopened box of Bohm Bluetooth headphones. Now, I think they were won at some event, but no matter.

As soon as I opened the box I could see that these headphones were very high quality. I paired them with my smart phone and started listening to some music. WOW! What great sound.

Everything about these headphones is outstanding including the quality of phone calls which are easy to answer. The controls are simple and tactile.

Click on the picture below to learn more about this great product!



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May 2016


Aloha! So we’re in Scottsdale, AZ in the middle of April and the temperature has already hit the high 90’s.  But hey, most of the month was in the 80’s so we really can’t complain.

In this month’s blog we will be carrying over the theme of the Spring 2016 post. That is,  Discoveries and Useful Gadgets and Other Stuff. We have also scoured the web for some Inspirational Quotes and Sayings.

Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day so please take a moment to remember.

In This Month’s Issue

Memorial Day
Take a moment to remember


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Inspiration For The Month Of May


If you have been on the web or any social media lately, you might have seen this posting.  I was gonna list a whole bunch of inspirational quotes and sayings, but I felt these 10 things to be so compelling and worth re-posting that I will let them stand alone.

It all sounds like common sense.  But I know these things are much easier said than done. If you’ve read this before, read it again. If you’ve never seen this I hope you will be inspired to take a look at yourself.  And unless you’re perfect, fix what needs fixin’.

Read this over your morning coffee or whatever a few times a week. Couldn’t hurt!

10 Things You Need to Stop Doing to be Happier

 1. Stop complaining.

Nobody wants to be around someone who complains all the time. Yet we all do it. Instead of finding a reason to complain, look for the solution if you’re facing a problem. Look for something positive in your life. There’s always something positive to find in our life if we shift our focus.

2. Stop Judging.

Stop judging other people’s lives and focus on perfecting your own life. We spend so much time gossiping rather than working on perfecting ourselves. Focus on your own life, and how you’re going to perfect it.

3. Stop avoiding your fear.

Fear is an obnoxious thing—it slows you down from finding a career you love, a romantic relationship and pursuing your dreams. Do something that makes you uncomfortable every day, in small steps, and it will dramatically alter the course of your life.

4. Stop being so hard on yourself.

The biggest enemy that you face is the one inside you—this enemy criticizes, condemns, and complains. Don’t let these unconscious patterns run your life. Come to terms with these patterns. The biggest enemy you ever have to face is the one inside of you.

5. Stop being negative.

If you focus on being negative it’s going to show up everywhere in your life. It will show up in your work, personal relationships and everything else. Shift your focus away from being so negative all the time. Find things that make you come alive!

6. Stop caring about what other people think of you.

Every great artist, musician, or political leader ignored what people thought of them. Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business. What people think of you should not drown out your own inner voice and inspirations.

7. Stop worrying about the small stuff.

Think about all the unnecessary worries that go through your mind all day. We worry about why someone is not returning our emails, texts, phone calls. We worry about everything and anything. Focus on what you can do at the present moment and not about how you can worry about the outcome.

8. Stop needing to be right all the time.

Stop needing to be right all the time, this can lead to so many unnecessary arguments. Instead of needing to be right, start working on being more open to other people’s opinions. Start asking more questions and become more interested in other people’s points of view. It may open a whole new dimension of life.

9. Stop blaming others.

We constantly blame everyone for all types of different things. Quit blaming other people for your circumstances. If you want to change something go out and do it! Don’t blame someone for your present day situations.

And now the big one!

10. Stop living in the past or the future.

So much of our attention is focused on past experiences or on how things will be in the future. Focus your mind on the present moment. We would be so much happier if we placed our attention on the present.

Mail Chimp





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Spring 2016



Spring is just around the corner and, as always, it signals a season of renewal. I am sure everyone is looking forward to the pleasant weather ahead.

In this month’s issue we thought we would try something new.  Discoveries will highlight some  information and websites that you might find helpful and Useful Gadgets and Other Stuff will highlight products and services that we tried and found to be outstanding.

We hope you enjoy this month’s blog. If there is anything you would like to contribute, please email us at: puamele@puamele.com

In This Month’s Issue

Rainbow Bridge


Visit Katie’s Memorial Residency
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Rainbow Bridge


If you or anyone you know has ever lost a non-human family member, you know what a heart wrenching experience this event can be. Recently, we lost Katie, our 14 year old Bichon Frise. In some of the many Facebook condolences we received, The Rainbow Bridge was mentioned.

Rainbow Bridge Graphic
The Rainbow Bridge Gateway

Now, I had never heard of this before so I decided to look into it. Turns out it is a wonderful web based memorial site to honor your lost family member and find some comfort in the grieving process.

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Epson Eco Tank Printer


In our business we tend to print quite a few documents in both black and color. Lately, ink costs have been getting out of hand, about $100 per month. For our small business this is a lot.  So, we decided to look at some alternatives. We looked at laser printers and found that the color reproduction just wasn’t as good as an ink jet. In doing some research we stumbled upon the Epson Eco Tank printer.

This is an ink jet printer that uses ink tanks instead of ink cartridges. One fill up will produce about 11,000 black prints and 8,500 color prints. This sounded pretty unbelievable.

Ink Refills 

Doing the math, we figured out that it would take about 50 ink cartridges to equal the output of one tank fill up. This calculation showed a savings of 70-80%.

The initial investment is a little steep depending on the retailer. We found the retail cost to be in the mid to upper $400 range. If your print volume is about 300 pages per month, the initial investment should amortize in about 9-10 months and you still won’t need to buy ink for another couple of years.

This printer has complete wireless capability and you can print from your phone, tablet and computer.

I liked this printer so much that I contacted the company that represents Epson printers. They hired me to represent the product in various retail stores.

Who knew?

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Happy New Year 2016

To all our friends and subscribers we wish you a very happy 2016.  May the new year be filled with happiness and prosperity for you and yours based on your notion of the meaning.

For our first blog of the New Year we decided to re-post some of our favorite articles and postings from 2015. If you are a new subscriber you may be reading some of these postings  for the first time. If you’ve been with us for awhile, thanks for giving them a second read.

2015 In Review

From our family to yours


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