Making Your Own Perfume

Getting Started

Do you like perfume? Have you ever thought about making your own blend? I have been making perfume for about three years now and have come up with some pretty good formulas. I have also made plenty of really awful scents. But, with this endeavor, you learn as you go.

There is some investment and a lot of time involved. You also need a good area to work in. For now, I am only posting one formula and not an entire list of formulas or equipment and techniques. I will say that the chemicals need to be mixed in a specific order. This is very important! 1. Alcohol  2. Base notes  3. Middle notes  4. Top notes  5. Fixative, Curing takes a minimum of two weeks. I will provide a set of links to very good websites to help you get started. The following formula is for a fragrance that I call “Ariel”. This formula makes 2oz of Eau de Parfum. It is inspired by the fragrance “Angel”.

If you’re already making your own fragrances, try this formula out.

Use the best chemicals you can afford and your product will be something special. We will be adding our own custom fragrances to the product line as time goes on

Books & Essential Oils

Supplies & Chemicals  (This is a good place to start)

Bottles & Glass

Beakers and Measuring Equipment






Perfumers Alcohol 34 MIL (NOT RUBBING ALCOHOL)

Fixative 32 Drops

Top Notes

Prenyl Acetate 9
Bergamot  10
Carnation  20
Mixed Fruits 60
Lemon 80

Middle Notes

Amber 10
Orange  58
Rose 28

Base Notes

Ambergris 9 or substitute (Ambergris is really expensive. Grisalva is a good substitute)
Grisalva 9
Angelica 110
Auranone 22
Coconut 44
Vanilla 66
Vetiver 22

Smell good, be happy!

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